I Love Water Polo

Ages 5+


‘I Love Water Polo’ (ILWP) is an introductory water polo program for children aged 5+. Participants will learn to be strong swimmers, enjoy a team sport and have FUN!

The program combines swimming with learning water polo skills and strategies. Taught using the Seals Certification Program developed by Water Polo Saskatchewan (WPS), this program adds to skills delivered through community swimming lessons. Level outcomes are identified below. There are many links between how water polo skills can support the development of swimming. Certain water polo skills will help your child be a better, more confident swimmer.

Do you have to be able to swim to participate? Participants should enjoy being in the water, but do not have to be good swimmers. Groups will be broken up according to age and skill level. Lessons will begin in the shallow section of the pool and eventually progress to the deep end. We do have float belts for those who need one until they are confident to swim without one.

General speaking, Seal Pups is for children ages 5 to 9 and Seals is for children ages 8 to 12. If you feel your 8 to 10 year old is on the bubble, register them where you feel they would be more comfortable. Challenge is good for some children, while some children need more confidence. You know your child best. If there is room available, they may be moved.

COVID-19 restrictions limit the number of athletes allowed at a practice. These numbers are identified in WPS’s Return-to-Sport document and must adhere to provincial guidelines and facility regulations.

Practice times are available under PROGRAMS > TRAINING SCHEDULE in the menu above. All practices for the fall session will be held at the LAC.

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