PL What?

“PL What?” is a common question we get. “PL” stands for “Provincial League.” Here’s what they all mean:

MPLA stands for Mini Provincial League Atom & is for players 9U (born 2010 & later).
PLA stands for Provincial League Atom & is for players 12U (born 2008 & 2009).
MPLA & PLA events are held in Estevan, Regina & Weyburn.

PLB stands for Provincial League Bantam & is for players 14U (born 2006 & 2007).
PLC stands for Provincial League Cadet & is for players 16U (born 2004 & 2005).
PLB & PLC events are only held in Regina.

Each of these events are a round robin style tournament. There is a PL Finals tournament held towards the end of the season.

No exceptions will be made for an athlete to play below their appropriate age division.