Provincial Events

Due to COVID19 restrictions, any provincial events for the upcoming 2020/21 season are cancelled until further notice. 

Please confirm your child’s availability for each WPS provincial event in TeamSnap / on the Google Sheet. A link to the Google Sheet will be sent to parents (either via email or TeamSnap Messenger). If for any reason a player is unable to attend after confirming their availability, please let coaches know immediately, so the team roster can be adjusted and not cause their team to be short.

A link to both the rosters and schedule will be posted on the homepage. Players need to arrive 30 minutes prior to their first game.

If accommodations are necessary (ex. at provincials in Saskatoon), a block of rooms will be reserved. This information will be posted on the homepage.

Athletes, here’s what you need to bring:

– labeled water bottle,
– extra towel to use when sitting on deck,
– shorts & club t-shirt to wear between games,
– small portions of healthy snacks (ex. fruit, veggies & hummus, sandwiches),
– NO NUTS or nut products (we have team members with allergies),
– a willingness to listen & learn!

Spectator stands in both the LAC & the Shaw Center can get quite warm. You might want to consider wearing or bringing cooler clothes.

Parents and fans, you are welcome to celebrate successes and encourage players. Your players will often look up to you after both difficult plays and successful plays. Clapping, thumbs up and big smiles are energy boosts to help motivate players, please be generous with your supportive gestures.

Coaches are excited to help these young players learn and develop in the game of water polo. Learning involves trying new things, making mistakes, trying again, celebrating success and learning how to work through new situations. During games, the pool environment can become very loud, and it’s difficult for players to hear their coaches, they will do their best to have their voices heard by players. Please avoid shouting instructions to your children, so they can concentrate on what instructions the coaches are teaching them.

Coaches will spend time with the teams before, during and after games to discuss plays and teach. Please allow your coaches to have this important team time, immediately before and after each game. In the post game huddle, coaches will let players know when to meet before the next game. If time allows, players can visit with friends, rest, re-hydrate and replenish energy with snacks.


At provincials, only athletes and tournament volunteers/staff can access the pool deck. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

For competitive athletes playing in two age categories at provincials, should there be overlap between games, the priority is to play with their own age category.