Winter 2020 Open House

November 19, 2019

Your child likes the water – fantastic! Your child likes team sports – great! You just found the perfect sport for them!

Or maybe your child is a little afraid of the water or a bit shy? Our low coach-to-athlete ratio in ‘I Love Water Polo’ can help your child be more comfortable in the water & within their group.

Visit PROGRAMS > DEVELOPMENTAL > I LOVE WATER POLO in the menu bar above to learn more (and see some smiling faces!)

Sign up for our FREE trial practice and open house on Wednesday January 8th. For insurance purposes, all open house participants are required to complete a registration form. Go to REGISTER > JOIN OUR FLEET in the menu bar above, complete the form and select ‘January 8th Open House (FREE)’ under ‘Winter 2020 Program.’ We hope to see you there!

Our pool time at the University of Regina on Wednesdays is from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Our open house will start at 6:00 PM. The exact time your child will be in the water depends on the number of children registered. In the past, younger children have went in earlier (ie. 6:30) and older children have went in later (ie. 7:30). Please watch your email for confirmation.

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