WPS Goalline


All athletes and active club members MUST be Registered with Water Polo Canada. This is done through Water Polo Sask. They are the governing body for water polo in Saskatchewan. You can learn more about WPS by clicking on their logo in the footer below.

RETURNING athletes and active club members already have a Goalline account. You will need your access code (check your email) to proceed. DO NOT RE-REGISTER.


Start at 2019-20 Player Registration.

All competitive athletes select “Competitive” under Products & Services. This allows athletes to compete outside of the province. Elite, Carrier & Battleship athletes will be participating in NCL. Admiral athletes are eligible to attend Alberta Open.

Semi Competitive athletes select “Provincial” under Products & Services. This is for athletes who will be only be competing within the province, including PLs and provincials.

ILWP participants select “Sessional” (Fall or Winter) under Products & Services. ILWP participants need to complete this step for each session they are registered for.

CAP athletes (formerly "Masters") select "Competitive" under Products & Services. This allows you to compete with TeamSask in senior NCL events and outside of the province (ex. USA Water Polo's Masters National Championships).

BAP/RAP athletes select "Provincial" as you are invited to play in winter and spring provincials.

You do not need to pay anything. This fee is included in your ARMADA registration fee.


Start at 2019-20 Referee Registration.

Yes, start here even if you're not a referee (but if you want to be, we can arrange that). This is the default registration for club members who are not registered as athletes and includes minor officials, board members and anybody volunteering with the club.