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Regina Water Polo Association

We are Regina's ONLY developmental, recreational & competitive water polo club. We create an environment for athletes to learn, succeed & have fun!

The Regina Water Polo Association (RWPA) was rebranded ARMADA for the 2014/15 season after being known as the Piranhas & Squids for years. This was done to distinguish the organization from the Piranhas Summer Swimming Club. RWPA filled the void left by water polo's dismissal from the Regina High Schools Athletics Association in the late 1990's.

ARMADA (noun): a fleet of warships
WATER POLO (noun): a goal game that involves swimming, wrestling & fighting for a ball, often all at the same time
FLEET (noun): a group operated under unified control

Our Approach

Our Story

Coaching Staff

We are excited to introduce our coaching staff for the 2019/20 season! Their knowledge & understanding of the game will help advance your child's water polo skills. Their coaching expertise will help develop your child's life skills. We are fortunate to have them and are looking forward to a great year!

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Dave Boan

Elite Men's Coach

Dave has been involved with the local water polo scene since the 1970's. Last year (2019) his team finished 4th at USA Water Polo's Masters National Championship.

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Rachel Krieger

Elite Women's Coach

Rachel spent 11 years with us before heading to California to play for the University of the Pacific. She was a member of the youth & senior national teams.

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Ethan D'Souza

Club Head Coach

Ethan is one of the few brave souls to leave BC & come to Sask. He coached the TeamSask 16UG for two years and will be coaching the boys again this year for the 2020/21 season.

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Jason Cawkwell

Swim Coach

Jason joined our fleet in 2018, but is a familiar face on deck. He has been involved with several local swim clubs since coming from England in 2003.

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Crystal Semple

Coach Coordinator

Paul is new to the Fleet and is very exciting to bring Water Polo joy into more athletes lives!

Board of Directors

Delegates are elected at the association's Annual General Meeting. Roles are elected in alternating years. The chair and treasurer are elected in odd years, the registrar and secretary in even years. Three members-at-large are elected every year and serve a two year term.

Dave Boan


Bryn Porter

Equipment, Facilities and Team Snap Communications 

Sidney Frostad


Stephen Blayone

Promotions, Marketing and Sponsorship

Jennifer White


Alexandra Kapila

Promotion  & Marketing, Digital Platforms, Recruitment and Retention 

Jason Moser


Sham Kalra

Y Program Coordinator & Co-Coach Coordinator 

Jay Tatemichi


Paula Kashton

Co-Coach Coordinator 

Fundraising Coordinators

Fundraising opportunities are provided to families of competitive athletes to help cover out of pocket costs. Credits can be used towards registration fees and/or travel costs. If you would like to be added to a sign-up list, please contact the appropriate coordinator. These volunteers are not RWPA Board members. They spend hours organizing these opportunities for our membership. Next time you see them, thank them for their effort. If you have a fundraising idea you would like to pass on, please let Tammy Serbu know.

Shana Lacey


Jennifer White

Mosaic Stadium

Scott Shorten

Parent Volunteers

Tammy Serbu

Other Fundraising